1 Juni 2017 - 18:00 Uhr
- ISM München
RWB Group AG: Private Equity Workshop

Transforming information into results.
Information plays a crucial role in an investment decision. Especially in private equity the access to information is often limited and its relevance hard to judge. Illiquidity, blind pool risk and the long time horizon of an investment are only a fraction of the complexity associated with an investment in private equity funds. We present the complexity of the asset class from the perspective of a globally invested fund-of-funds and provide insights on how to look behind the curtains. Do you want to know how we transform information into results?

Private Equity Workshop mit der RWB Group AG, geleitet von Herrn Nico Auel, Director Corporate Strategy. Nach einer Einführung des Referenten erhielten die Studierenden einen praxisbezogenen Case und arbeiteten die Aufgabenstellung in Teams aus.


Nico Auel