17 Mai 2017 - 13:00 Uhr
- ISM Frankfurt am Main
Finance Symposium @ISM: The Future of Investment Banking

The Future of Investment Banking – Risks and Opportunities
Investment banking is a specific banking division primarily engaged in the search of capital for corporations, governments and other institutions. Investment banks help to facilitate mergers & acquisitions, financial reorganizations and are acting as brokers or financial advisers. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, investment banks were forced by regulators, shareholders and public pressure to change their corporate structure. As a result new regulations have been put in place in order to limit the risk associated with many new financial instruments.

At the ISM Finance Symposium representatives from well-known companies will discuss cultural, legal, organizational and political issues that continue to challenge the business.

Don’t miss exciting and inspiring presentations given by:
Morgan Stanley: Keynote Speaker Dr. Lutz Raettig (Chairman)
Goldman Sachs (Dr. Eva Maria Wiecko, MD)

Lincoln International (Dr. Drill, CEO Germany, MD)
Quadriga (Dr. Egerer, Senior Partner)
Morgan Stanley Bank (Mr. Behrens, CEO)

The panel discussion will focus  on further aspects surrounding the future of investment banking.
The experts are:
Jan Lucas, Senior Partner Acxit Frankfurt
Dr. Frank Heitmann, MD Credit Suisse London
Sebastian Schmitz VP Moelis, Frankfurt
HaraldEdele, Director CFA-Society Germany
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Bamberger

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Lutz Raettig,